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Thanks for the support!

Don't worry, we won't bore you with daily blogs on how our business is going. We're motivated to send a shout out to everyone for all of the support in just our second day online! Today we had traffic from 41 states (come on Wyoming, Alabama, Maine, Delaware, Nebraska, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Vermont and Massachusetts, represent!).

We are thrilled that so many of you love our site as much as we do and are so willing to share it with your friends. We've read so many blog posts from lovely bloggers we've never met and seen so many links from people who are as excited as us. So thanks a million for the props!

In the next few weeks you'll learn more about us in this blog, and even our kids. We'll share with you the baby and maternity products we love and why we love them. We're excited to learn more about you and the things you love, so please leave a few comments!

I'm seeing Monkeys! Red Zoobie-Pet Monkeys!

Wow- our first business day is complete and we are overwhelmed! We didn't expect much from our first day other than supportive orders from our mothers and sisters, and traffic from our friends, family, neighbors, and everyone we've run into at the grocery store last week.

Instead, we ended the day with hits from 5 countries and 31 US States. How did we do that you ask? Although we are mommies, the three of us (ok, one of us isn't a mommy) have been in the Internet Industry for at least 10 years each. We are excited about this new venture and know that with your help, BabySteals.com will grow very quickly, bringing you the best baby 'steals' on the web!

After our first day we've gotten lots of emails from great baby manufacturers that want to become 'steals' and we can't wait to bring those to you. As we grow . We want to create a site that you love and feel a part of every day!

Teething Bling

My second son is 15 months old and he still sticks everything he can find in his mouth. Everything. Shoes, phones, remotes, plants, dirt, socks (sweetie, please stop eating your socks), books, pillows… and the list goes on and on.

I’m sure many of you are not surprised. It’s normal, right? Perhaps. But not for me. My first boy didn’t chew on anything, so this is all new.

Which is why we have been very entertained all week by our new Teething Bling bracelet and necklace. I’ve kept the bracelet on my wrist and when he grabs for something I quickly replace whatever he’s chewing with the Teething Bling bracelet. Problem solved! He’s happy and the remote still works.

The necklace came in very handy as I tried to have a conversation with my neighbor yesterday, holding Cade so he wouldn’t wander into the street. Generally conversations had when I’m holding him involve a load of gymnastic moves. This time, just one move, handing him the necklace. Granted, it only lasted 20 minutes, but I’ll take what I can get.

On top of that, the jewelry is safe. All jewelry is non-toxic, phthalate free and all pendants come with a breakaway clasp. Very comforting these days considering what is going on in the plastic world.

I adore the black bracelet and would be comfortable wearing it to a very swanky event, the pink heart I'll keep around for everyday use. Hopefully the company will take off, I'd love to see more necklace options.

Another benefit, killing two birds with one stone. Generally when leaving the house I concentrate on what the kids need. Now (for at least one item) we both need the same thing. Genius!

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Zoobie Pets - Ellema the Elephant

First of all, the fuzziness of the Zoobie being enjoyed right now is all about me. I know it's warm outside but for some reason my office doesn't know. I sat down to write this review with cold arms, the lovely softness that is the Zoobie blanket has solved that problem.

You know those soft baby stuffed animals in stores that you always want to rub all over your face (of course you restrain in public), a Zoobie is a stuffed animal and blanket covered in velvety softness. Your kids can hug it, sleep on it, sleep under it, cuddle it and basically love it to pieces. My oldest did.

My oldest boy has claimed the elephant as his own so I'm thinking about getting the hippo for my youngest.

Anyway, it's cool to say my kids have the same toy as P Diddy's- right?

Zoobie Pets

Sunday night update: My boy has the beginnings of a cold, he just came upstairs to watch late night tv with mama, but forgot his elephant. He asked me to go downstairs to get his 'e-funt'. Yippee! The binky replacement is here!


Signing Time

Here it is, drum roll please, the FIRST product that gets the BabySteals.com 'Steal' of Approval! It was incredibly easy for me to pick. All I needed to decide was what was the one product I couldn't live without in raising Baby Jane? Easy. The Award Winning Sign Language Videos Signing Time!

We have been signing to Jane since she was 4 months old. We were introduced to Signing Time when she was 9 months and she has LOVED it ever since. Long before she could talk to us she has communicated with signs, to the amazement of people that didn't know that babies can sign before they can talk! Jane is turning 2 this Friday (sniff sniff, they grow so fast) and she knows so many signs that it's impossible to count. When asked, "show me the sign for.......," she is always proud to show the sign.

Because of Signing Time, Jane knows every letter of the alphabet by sight, every color by sign and sight, can count from 1-22, and knows 1-10 by sight. It is astounding to watch her. She was even one of the children chosen to be filmed in the next series of Baby Signing Time! They truly are the best baby sign language videos!

Delight your child with Rachel, Alex and Leah and the fantastic music incorporated into a fun-filled and educational half hour! If you're already a fan of Signing Time, you'll know what we mean when we say that in our house, every frog is named Hopkins and all pizzas are Silly. Thanks to Rachel and the Signing Time gang!

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