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Epicuren Baby Gift Set Giveaway!

UPDATE - Contest is now closed.This is the perfect gift for every baby shower. The Epicuren Baby Gift Set was lovingly created in association with Anne Geddes and includes a 3 to 6 month supply of the three essential products for every newborn - baby safe Daily Wash (5.4oz), Daily Lotion (5.4oz) and Diaper Spray (2.4oz) each infused with our specialty episencial aromatherapy blends and presented in a beautifully decorated, sturdy keepsake gift box.

This is the first skincare line designed to support the development and immune functions of baby skin using 100% natural ingredients. Epicuren Baby products are infused with Episencial™ aromatherapy oil blends providing a skincare experience that promotes bonding, awakens the senses and nurtures the soul.

How to enter for your chance to win:
Leave a comment about Epicuren,
which of the three products do
you find the most interesting?

Contest ends Thurday December 11th 3pm MST, winner announced shortly thereafter.



Giveaway - Woobee Velvet Blankets

UPDATE - Contest is now closed

Who wants to win a Woobee?

The luxury parents use daily! What makes the Woobee blanket so unique? A water resistant nylon backing that has a DWR (durable weather resistant) coating acts as a protective barrier for your child, while the cozy soft fabric creates a wonderful surface to lie on or snuggle. The innovative tie design allows the Woobee blankets to be attached to strollers, front packs, infant car seats, or anything else you can imagine.

Woobee blankets are not just for the cool season. Give your child luxury protection all year long by using your Woobee as a quick drying beach towel, outside playmat, and the perfect extra layer on morning walks.

Woobee's famous velvet material is so smooth and soft it is almost weird. You just can’t stop touching it. Velvet All-Weather Woobee blankets are good for any season and any climate. No matter where you live (even tropical) you will use this blanket!

To enter for your chance to win, leave a comment and tell us: What is the most ridiculous thing you've done to get to your computer at 9am MST sharp? Or, how long have you known about BabySteals.com?

Contest ends Monday October 13th at 9am MST, random winner announced here by 5pm Tuesday October 14th. Good luck!

If you don't want to risk it, get your very own Woobee at rainorshinekids.com!


SaraBear Diaper Caddy Giveaway


Drawn out of a hat (by my 3 year old, he's very unbiased)

Day of the week: Thursday
Hour of the day: 10
am or pm: am
minute: 53

Which means our winner is... Sarah Belding who said:

Love that basket. Do they come in other prints? I want to win! Make it a steal on the site for the rest of us!

Congrats, check your email, we have a basket for you!


SaraBear Diaper Caddy Giveaway

Update - Contest is now closed

Ok BabySteals fans, who's ready for another giveaway? We're making it dead simple this time, just leave a comment!

The lovely prize, A SaraBear Diaper Caddy:

Quirky pink and blue partridges whistle an enchanting tune over sage and cream stripes. Paired with an ivory basket.

>Sturdy dividers built into the hand washable fabric liner hold items in place.
>Five compartments, each tailor made to hold items such as a baby wipes container, burp cloths and your choice of cloth or disposable diapers.
>Four pockets, including one very small pouch, are sleekly sewn along the caddy's interior to house items such as gas drops, ointment and eye glasses.
>PVC free handles feature a matching gripper for carrying comfort.

Contest ends Thursday October 2nd at 5pm MST
Winner announced here by 5pm Friday October 3rd


*Baby items shown not included


Babysense Infant Movement Monitor Facebook Contest

We have a very lucky winner!

Lucky BabySteals.com Facebook fan #499*, Vanessa H- as selected by random.org.

Congrats Vanessa, we hope the monitor helps!

Don't worry parents, we'll have another great contest posted soon!

*Since we picked the winner we've had a lot more fans added to the page so Vanessa's number has changed. Rest assured, she was the lucky #499 when we picked a name!


Babysense Infant Movement Monitor Facebook Contest


Listen up parents, it's our biggest contest so far! We're giving away a Babysense V Infant Movement Monitor. What, you may ask, is that? Simply put, it's what cured my panicked insomnia with my second child. This genius little invention senses the breathing of your tiny little guy, and alerts you when the breathing slows or stops.

Genius, right?

So new parents, who needs more sleep?

How to enter: Become our fan on Facebook! That's it! If you are already our fan, you're automatically entered to win.

New to Facebook? Sign up here, if you have an account follow this easy link to become our fan.

***Contest ends Wed Sept 24th at 9am MST, winner announced here by 5pm Thurs Sept 25th.***

More about the Babysense V Infant Movement Monitor

Simple configuration, safe and effective

Babysense V infant movement monitor includes two sensor panels which fit under the baby's mattress. Monitoring is performed without touching the baby. The sensors are connected to a small, battery operated control unit clipped to the side of baby's bed, crib or cradle. There is no connection to any electrical outlet.

BabySense V – So easy to use.

Simply place one or two sensors (according to the baby's age) under the crib mattress.
Sensors monitor entire crib area.
Sensors do not touch the baby.
Babysense V operates on regular household batteries –no electrical plugs
(no connection to mains).
Compact, attractive, easy to use design with single switch operation.
If baby stops moving for 20 seconds, Babysense V sounds an alarm.
If baby's movements slow to less than 10 micro-movements a minute, Babysense V sounds an alarm.


Scootababy Giveaway


This week's giveaway, the Scootababy, a hands-free carrier that allows you to comfortably carry your child as you would naturally.

A natural carrying position
It's how you instinctively carry your child, only easier!
The Scootababy can be used for babies aged 5 months and up (to 40 pounds)
Face to face contact
Hands free – who doesn't need an extra hand?

Comfort for adult and baby
Distributes weight evenly
Lightly padded, shaped seat for baby
Supportive fleece shoulder is stretchy and conforms to shoulder without impeding arm movement
Wide, padded waist belt

Ease of use
Buckles easily adjusted with one hand – custom built for Scootababy
Quick up and down
Scootababy works for a wide range of ages, and you'll get years of use… baby won't outgrow it in six months
Waist and shoulder straps adjust to fit most adults – no need to buy different sizes for different users
Folds compactly for storage on-the-go, and comes with a convenient nylon drawstring bag

To enter: Leave a comment!
***comments will open in a new window, scroll to the bottom to leave your comment.***

(please be sure you fill in your email address, it will not be displayed and will not be used except to notify the winner.)

Contest ends Monday September 8st 9am MST, winner announced by Tuesday September 9nd 9am MST.


Go Baby Inmat Giveaway


Baby needs tummy time, but how do you protect baby from the dirty floor? Go Baby InMat!

The InMat is crafted with a washable suede and soft fleece creating the ideal mat for baby yoga, massage and tummy-time. It rolls up tight with a magnetic closure making it easy to toss into mom's diaper or gym bag. And, unlike the old standby baby blanket, it doesn't slip, slide or twist with every move the baby makes! Even if the baby decides to get in on the exercise action, the mat stays smooth and flat, despite their newly-found rolling or crawling skills!

Surface area is 23x24. Fleece - 100% poly. Suede - 100% leather

To enter: Leave a comment!
***comments will open in a new window, scroll to the bottom to leave your comment.***

(please be sure you fill in your email address, it will not be displayed and will not be used except to notify the winner.)

Contest ends Monday September 1st 9am MST, winner announced by Tuesday September 2nd 9am MST.

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Who wants a Ju-Ju-Be?!

UPDATE: contest is now closed

The new BeLight from Ju-Ju-Be lives up to it's name. I recently bought a new diaper bag and was so disappointed when I found out how heavy it was empty! After shoving all the baby needs in, the bag weighed more than the baby.

The BeLight is the lightest diaper bag on the market, even better it's reversible! Long or short straps, two large pockets in front, lightweight changing pad, and crumb drains! Are you kidding me, who doesn't need that?!

Want one? How about this little lightweight cutie?

Hurry up, contest ends Thursday July 31st at 9am MST, winner announced Thursday July 31st at 5pm MST.


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the gigi blanki company giveaway

Update - Contest is now closed

It's important to note the prize for this giveaway didn't happen overnight. Why? Because each gigi blanket is handmade, as it is ordered. You pick a fabric for the front, one for the back and a trim. Endless possibilities, everyone of them silky soft. And I mean soft. Cuddly, fuzzy and warm. The perfect little blanket for your little one. Easily customizable to match the nursery.

Want to win one?
How about this one?

{ strolli } 30" x 35"
An Opulent Take-Along Blanket
Great for day trips to the zoo, napping at grandma's, or as a posh crib blanket, these "strollin' snugglers" are the ultimate in comfort. Three different fabrics give babies lots of texture to explore and keep little hands busy.

Contest ends Friday July 25th at 9am MST. Winner announced here Friday July 25th at 5pm MST.

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Go Baby Nursing Bracelet Giveaway


A stylish way to track your baby's feeding times! Hand-made using top-quality glass beads so you can wear it anywhere and no one will know that it is a baby product!

How it works: Simply move the clasped charm in between the appropriate number bead to track the time of feeding. Nursing mothers can also move the bracelet from wrist to wrist to keep track of which side they nursed on last.

Contest ends Friday July 18th at 9am MST. Winner announced here Saturday July 19th at 9am MST!

Don't want to risk not winning? You can get your own nursing bracelet from Go Baby.



BabySteals Giveaway - Fleurville MotherShip Diaper Bag

UPDATE - This contest is now closed.

Today's fabulous giveaway, diaper bag courtesy of Bags and Buggies, Designer Baby Gear for Your Little Dear.
Get 15% off your purchase with the code babysteal15

Fleurville Mothership Diaper Bag

This very durable and stylish bag is great for all day trips, for traveling, for caregivers of more than one child, or for anytime you need to really be prepared and carry a bunch of stuff with you. The bag is constructed to stand up and stay open so you only need one hand for the bag and one for the baby!

  • * Padded non-skid shoulder strap
  • * Carabineer Key-Clip
  • * Insulated bottle holder or FOB Wrist Bag, depending on fabric
  • * Changing pad in its own sleeve
  • * Cinch sack
  • * See-through wipe case
  • * 3 exterior pockets and 3 large elastic topped pockets inside
  • * PVC-Free
  • * Teflon®-Free
  • * Green-LAM
Dimensions: H12" x W 14.5" x D 5", Weight: 3 lbs

The color choices are blue chocolate and pink chocolate. The winner chooses which color they prefer.

Contest ends Wednesday July 9th at 9am MST. Winner announced here Thursday July 10th at 9am MST.

Bags and buggies was born from necessity just like any great invention. The parents of 2 wonderful kids, Ryan is 2 and Lauren was born in December 2007.

As proud new parents, they searched extensively for the best products, the best prices, and the most convenient way to buy what we needed for Ryan and Lauren. This proved to be very frustrating for them. Realizing that other families were having a similar experience, they decided to build their own store to make shopping easier, less costly by offering free shipping on all US orders, and more convenient for everyone.


Polliwalks Giveaway

update: contest is now closed

Who wants a new pair of shoes!
Ladybugs? Ducks? How about an alligator? Clearly these are kids shoes, and we're giving a pair away!

Polliwalks™ is a brand created on the premise that shoes for children should be fun! The company is comprised of a team of veteran shoe designers,manufacturers, sales people, developers, and marketers. They know the shoe business and are dedicated to
creating innovative shoes that appeal to the fun side of being a child. They back up our fresh approach to product with years and years of combined industry experience, making shoes that not only offer quality, comfort and function,but are born from a playful inspiration that offers unique styling and features that both kids and parents love.

Listen up mamas, here's how to enter. First, visit the Polliwalks website, browse a bit, pick a pair then come back here and tell us! Do some research, you have all day to enter.

Contest ends Friday June 27th at 9amMST.

Winner will be announced here Friday June 27th at 5pmMST, be sure to check back!

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BabySteals.com Giveaway - Boogie Wipes

UPDATE: Contest is now closed.

I'm not a neglectful mother, but sadly I regularly look like one. My little guy detests having his nose touched, wiped or even looked at. So we tried boogie wipes and I can't say he's turned into a perfect angel, but he likes the grape and wriggles less when I use them.

Boogie Wipes are the latest innovation in a moist wipe product for busy moms, dads & kids. With added saline, they offer quick, gentle, effective relief of stuck on Boogies (mucous) caused by the common cold & allergies.


  • Alcohol Free
  • Unique Formula
  • Moisturizes with added Chamomile, Vitamin E and Aloe
  • Gentle Enough for all Ages
  • Lightly Scented
Contest ends Wednesday June 25th at 9amMST.

Winner will be announced here Wednesday June 25th at 5pmMST, be sure to check back!
If you don't want to take your chances here, you can buy your own Boogie Wipes at boogiewipes.com

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BabySteals Giveaway - Hedvig Bourbon Judabee

Yesterday BabySteals.com turned 1 month old! This process truly has mirrored having a baby. The three of us are up very late with the baby, and the research, planning, and creation process truly was at least 9 months. The original concept came to Jana early in 07 as "wouldn't it be cool if...." and the name popped in her head in the middle of the night! On April 28th 08 we were born and just like a baby, growing very fast. We're thrilled that you're a part of it and can't thank you enough for sharing with your friends. To celebrate, we decided to give some stuff away!

Hooray Judabee!

Tired of dragging around the whole diaper bag for quick errands? You need a Judabee. Small and sassy, it matches everything.

Details from hedvigbourbon.com...

The Judabee pouch opens up revealing two pockets for diapers and wipes. Designed with a wrist handle it is the perfect little pouch to carry separately or include in your bag when only diapers and wipes are needed for the trip.

Measures closed 10” x 7”

Fabric outer shell and inner lining 100% cotton

Color: Turquoise

Price: $40

Enter for your chance to win the Judabee pictured by leaving a comment! Just tell us how often you visit BabySteals.com and you're entered for a chance to win. *please do not post your email address, just your first name and last initial. we'll find you!*

Contest ends Friday May 23rd 30th at 9amMST.
note: the 30th is correct, our tired little brains are a week behind!

Winner will be announced here Monday June 2nd at 9am, be sure to check back!


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