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Zoobie Pets - Ellema the Elephant

First of all, the fuzziness of the Zoobie being enjoyed right now is all about me. I know it's warm outside but for some reason my office doesn't know. I sat down to write this review with cold arms, the lovely softness that is the Zoobie blanket has solved that problem.

You know those soft baby stuffed animals in stores that you always want to rub all over your face (of course you restrain in public), a Zoobie is a stuffed animal and blanket covered in velvety softness. Your kids can hug it, sleep on it, sleep under it, cuddle it and basically love it to pieces. My oldest did.

My oldest boy has claimed the elephant as his own so I'm thinking about getting the hippo for my youngest.

Anyway, it's cool to say my kids have the same toy as P Diddy's- right?

Zoobie Pets

Sunday night update: My boy has the beginnings of a cold, he just came upstairs to watch late night tv with mama, but forgot his elephant. He asked me to go downstairs to get his 'e-funt'. Yippee! The binky replacement is here!


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