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I was up late last night deep inside the world wide web, surfing and reading. I couldn't stop and I just kept thinking to myself; 5 more minutes. Okay, 10 more minutes. What had me so enamored that I couldn't go to bed? Your blogs! I was officially a lurker reading your blogs. How did I find your blogs? Because you've blogged about BabySteals.com! It's so much fun reading the great things you have to say about our new site. It's just as much fun reading about your darling babies and kids! I'm amazed at how many of you have written about us already and we've only been officially online for under 2 weeks. Thanks for all the mad props, we love you too! I can tell this is going to become an addiction for us - finding new bloggers that wrote about BabySteals.com and reading their blog! I am not sure why it is so interesting to me to read blog after blog of people I don't know but I'm guilty of it. And I'll keep doing it. So blog away! We appreciate it more than you know!

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