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A little more about today's steal, happygreenbee.

When I found happygreenbee I fell instantly in love with the simple colorful designs, little did I know I was already a big fan of Roxanne, the founder. Roxanne also founded another bee company, Burt's Bees! I adore Burt's Bees and especially love their baby products. My sister-in-law Meghan and I think baby perfume is such a lovely idea.

A little more...

{from the happygreenbee website}

Roxanne and Burt started Burt's Bees in 1989, a cottage industry which quickly evolved into an internationally renowned personal care company with a core commitment to pure ingredients, naturally efficacious formulas and earth-friendly packaging. As a mother designer and lifelong enviromentalist, Roxanne saw a void in children's clothing wear and a lack of awareness to the benefits of organic cotton. Thus she began to "sew" the seeds of her newest venture- happygreenbee, and all organic cotton clothing line created especially for kids.

happygreenbee has a simple philosophy; clothing that is comfortable, colorful, playful and ecologically responsible.

Why choose organic cotton?

90 million acres of worldwide agricultural lands are devoted to the production of cotton, consuming 25% of all pesticides used on our planet.

Organically grown cotton is not treated with pesticides and herbicides.

Genetically modified seed accounts for 50% of cotton grown in the United States. We can only speculate about the unintended and unforseen consequences of genetic engineering.

Organically grown cotton does not use genetically engineered seed.

Petroleum based hydocarbons (chemical fertilizers) are intensively applied to cotton crops to artifically speed up and otherwise "enhance" the plant's growth cycle and productivity. The runoff of these compounds pollutes our watersheds and food chains.

Organically grown cotton does not use petroleum based fertilizers.

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