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The Mommy Cover by Joia

You know when you get something new and you love it so much that you can't believe you've survived all those years before without it? I can think of several things for me; the Internet, my blackberry, my kids (wait, they're first), and my Mommy Cover by Joia. No joke. After nursing two other children until at least 18 months, I can't believe I was deprived for so long from comfortable, stylish nursing. You think I'm kidding, I'm not.

I discovered them at the Utah Baby Day Expo. Charlie Ostrander, the creator of this wonderful invention showed me how these nursing covers work and I was amazed at how she thought of everything. I immediately bought one and couldn't wait to use it. The styles and prints were so fun and darling that it was hard to pick the one I wanted! Did I mention they are reversible?

Here's just a few of the reasons why I love them and they get the BabySteals.com Steal of Approval:

First of all, the strap. It's silky fabric and feels great around your neck. It's so easy to adjust and you tuck the rest of the strap up underneath so the baby can play with the silk. The top of the cover opens up just enough so the baby can see you the whole time (and vice versa) and doesn't get too hot. It's great to finally see what's going on without peeking under the blanket. No worries - people around you can't see! The retractable wheel easily slides around your back and velcros to the other side. So it fits snug and no matter how much baby kicks it won't fall off (sorry blankets, you're so old school)! Best yet, it folds up small for the diaper bag, it's so fab.

Keep an eye on our site, we sell them at a 'steal' from time to time and will feature them again soon. So, if you are planning to nurse or nursing, treat yourself to a Mommy Cover by Joia. You deserve it!

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