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Shout Out to the BabySteals.com Daddies!

We wanted to wish a very special Happy Father's Day to the 3 BabySteals.com Daddies! One of the Daddies helps run the company and has 3 of the eight BabySteals.com kids!

The other two Daddies (our husbands) are behind the scenes of BabySteals.com. Some of you have met one of them before at Local Pickup- Dr. Eric of Murray Park Chiropractic. He is Jana's husband and not only has he has spent countless hours helping her pack and ship your things, but he is on a first name basis with everyone at the post office! Sometimes they cringe when he comes in (up to 3x per day) with boxes and boxes of your 'Steals' in hand! Many of them are very curious about what the Steal of the Day was and tell us they're jealous they missed out on the Steal.

The other Daddy you can hear on the biggest radio station in Utah or online! As late as he works every night, he still is very patient when he gets home and Emily is just getting started.

All of the BabySteals.com spouses are very patient in the midst of our very late nights bringing this site to you!

Last but NOT least ... Happy Father's Day to the supportive daddies out there that cheer as their wives check BabySteals.com at 9am every morning and don't complain at all when they catch the day's steal!


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