Friday Birthday Giveaway – Baby Signing Time!

It’s our 2nd birthday this week and we’re giving you the presents! Everyday this week (Monday-Friday) come back and enter for your chance to win some of our favorite things!

Today’s giveaway, a BabySteals favorite ~ Baby Signing Time

And what a prize! Includes ALL of the following:

♥ ~ 4 Baby Signing Time DVDs
♥ ~ 4 Baby Signing Time CDs
♥ ~ 4 Baby Signing Time Flash Card
♥ ~ Good Night Baby: A Collection of Lullabies – Music CD
♥ ~ An adorable, squishable Limited Edition Mini Plush Hopkins

Phew! What a list!  All with a Rachel Coleman personalized autograph!

About Baby Signing Time:
Babies crawl before they walk, and sign before they talk!
When a baby waves “bye-bye” or points at what she wants, she is signing! It is natural for babies to communicate with signs. Baby Signing Time gives babies the signs they need to express their needs and wants. Clever songs, playful animation and adorable babies make learning signs fun and easy.

How to Enter: Leave a comment and tell us what your favorite SigningTime DVD is! If you’re not sure yet, visit and come back here to let us know!

Contest ends  Friday, May 7th at 9am MST. Winner
will be announced Monday, May 10th at 10am MST!

Don’t forget! There’s still time to enter the other birthday contests!  Just pick a prize and click for details:

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  1. 1659
    Rusti Says:

    Since my kid likes it when I sing to him, I’d have to say the Sing & Sign DVD is my favorite!

  2. 1658
    Krista Says:

    My son would love “Leah’s Farm.” He loves looking at books with farm animals in them!

  3. 1657
    Joanna Lanoue Says:

    I like the Time to Eat DVD. I love how Rachel models the sign, talks about it, children demonstrate it, and “cooking” is demonstrated. We LOVE signing time. So far, we have used the signs and listened to the songs from a starter kit, but now that my toddler is getting older, I am looking forward to introducing him to the two introductory DVDs that we have. I would LOVE to have more, because we also have an educational playgroup that meets at our home. We all share new signs with each other, and the children LOVE it!!!!

  4. 1656
    Heather Says:

    My favorite is vol. 2 of Baby Signing Time.

  5. 1655
    Vivian Wong Says:

    We love the “Sleep Song”

  6. 1654
    Jessica Says:

    From what I can tell from the website, Volume 2 looks great… “Sleep Song” and “Special to me.” How can you go wrong??

  7. 1653
    Rachelle Says:

    Vol. 3 Everyday signs is our favorite!

  8. 1652
    Kim Says:

    My daughter loves Leah in Volume 1 of “It’s Baby Signing Time”. She knows all the signs by heart. Would love to have the set:)

  9. 1651
    Rhonda Says:

    We’ve only seen the clips on Nick Jr., but my daughter is entranced in watching them! We would love to own the set!

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