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August 2010
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A Baby Shower for Ruby

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Emily M. and little Ruby

BabySteals designer Emily M., the original Emily who makes our websites so cute, brought her little precious gem, *Ruby*, to meet the Steal Network staff. So what did we do? Threw her a surprise baby shower of course!

As a group of ladies that work for BabySteals, KidSteals and ScrapbookSteals, naturally we had tons of ideas for the baby shower. We all put a little love and inspiration into the preparations to truly make it a delightful affair for the newest baby in the Steal Network family. Want to see what a baby shower BabySteals style looks like?

baby shower decor

We decorated the room with Babylicious pennants we have featured on BabySteals in the past and pink and ruby red tissue paper flowers hung from the ceiling. The look reminds me of the garden decor at the Bellagio. The paper flowers are easy to make but add a whimsical effect to any room (even the Steal Network’s conference room). To add a personal touch, we put removable vinyl letters to welcome Ruby in style.

baby shower cupcake toppers

Every baby shower needs cute refreshments! We ordered these cherry cupcakes from a local bakery and had our ScrapbookSteals queen, Kristy Lee, make these adorable cupcake toppers. Being as creative as she is, every topper is a little different and unique, including the four in the center that spell out “Ruby” in glitter letters. I mean seriously, how cute is that?! These could easily be customized for any shower theme or colors. Check here on the ScrapbookSteals blog for a how to.

Baby shower game

For one of our fun baby shower games we played the BabySteals.com word search designed by the fabulous Emily M. herself! Featuring words like “cloth diapers,” “ergo baby,” “aden and anais” and “speedy delivery” you can download, print and play this at your baby shower too! Give everyone a time limit (after all it even took Mr. BabySteals and his daughter 45 minutes to find all the words) and whoever has the most words wins!

Baby shower favors
Last but not least, Kristy Lee astounded us again with these cute favors for Ruby’s guests to take home. Filled with colorful butter mints, these bags were adorned with cute toppers that are completely customizable are a easy to make no matter your level of crafty skill. Check the ScrapbookSteals blog for how to instructions.

Steal Network ladies

The ladies of Steal Network. (From left to right Jessica, Angie, Melodee, Kristen, Wanja, Kerianne, Em J, Emily M, Deanne, Jana, Kianna, Melanie)

All in all the shower was great and the staff was excited to welcome little Ruby into the world. Congrats to Emily M. on a beautiful baby girl from the whole Steal Network crew! For more photos from the shower visit our Facebook page.


SoS Biggest Chapter Winners!

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Hey Society of Stealers,

Thank you for joining our *pajama party* chat last night! Hope you all had as much fun as we did. Are you ready to hear the winner of the largest chapter? Drum roll please…

The winner is Toronto, Ontario, Canada (GTA)!

Those from that chapter who sent in their information last night will receive up to $5 off shipping on your next order! You will receive an email later today explaining how to claim your prize. Thank you all for joining us! Until next time :)


Are YOU a Steals Addict?

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

My name is Angie and I am a Steals addict. Are you? Watch this and find out.

Steals addicts need to join Society of Stealers (SoS), a group of women banded together by one commonality…stealing. SoS is here to help you! This is the monthly steals fix you’ve been waiting for.

Join our chat here.

Welcome to the Steal Network slumber party! What do you do at slumber parties? Get to know your friends and tell each other secrets! Tonight you will get to know the whole Stealin’ crew and find out our secrets. That is, if we’ll tell! ;) Do you have personal questions for the Steals crew? Submit your questions to SoS@stealnetwork.com.

SoS Chapter Contest

To enter the SoS chapter contest, email contest@babysteals.com. Use your chapter name as the subject line (ie Salt Lake City chapter) and in the body of the email include your first and last name and mailing address. All entries must be sent by 8 pm MST to be counted.

Join our slumber party chat tonight at 7 pm MST. Remember to join a chapter in our Facebook discussion tab and get it organized! The biggest chapter within a regional area will get something special! Must be on the chat to win. The link to the chat will be posted here 5 minutes before start time.

See you tonight!
~Disclaimer: Steal Network does not guarantee being a part of the Society of Stealers will relieve your addiction. In fact, we’re pretty sure it will only make you love us more.~


SoS! Save Em J!

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Hey Steal Addicts,

Are you ready for our SoS meeting on Thursday? Here’s a special preview to get you through the week. Meet Em J, our resident Steals addict staff member. Think we buried her in borrowed stuff from the Steal Network warehouse? Think again. These are Em J’s steals–lawfully, legitimately and compulsively stolen. The best part is this isn’t even all of them! It may be an illness, but as Em J said, “Look at it this way, these are all products I either would have never known existed, never would have paid full price for, or never could have afforded if it wasn’t for BabySteals, KidSteals and ScrapbookSteals! Have I mentioned how much I love my job?”

We can’t wait to chat with you all on Thursday! Click here for all the information. Remember to get in the discussion groups and find a local SoS chapter. Chapters must be regional within nearby cities. Members must be present at the chat to be counted so get your chapters organized. Maybe host a party! Whichever chapter has the most members present will get special treatment!

Locals~ The party will be at our new warehouse at 2181 California Ave. Click here for directions and remember to wear your jamies! Please comment below to let us know you’re coming so we get a rough idea for how many fans to expect.

Fans everywhere else~ The link to the chat will be posted on the blog right before it starts. Make sure you have an account on Ustream so you can participate.