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Our founder, Jana Francis, has been nominated for Babble’s Mompreneur of 2011. What is a mompreneur? She gracefully juggles the duties of motherhood like cleaning up messes, cooking like a top chef, and never missing a performance, game or parent-teacher conference, all while running her own phenomenal business. Jana does all that and more while bringing you the incredible deals and communities you see on BabySteals, KidSteals, ScrapbookSteals and KidCrawl. Here’s what a few people have to say about why they think Jana deserves to be Mompreneur of 2011.


“Jana is my ‘Mom-spiration!’ Hardworking and determined at work balanced with loving and attentive to her family’s needs at home. I get tired just thinking about her day but she inspires me to try harder and do more!” -Dunia, fan and Mompreneur nominator

“I have worked with Jana for years and can honestly say she is the most amazing business partner one could ask for. She works harder than anyone I know and makes very quick and intelligent decisions. Jana has a knack for building engaged communities through honest and meaningful interaction. She exceeds all expectations and earns respect through integrity, honesty and having the heart of a lion. I’m proud to be a part of her life and love watching her excel at everything she does. She is an impressive entrepreneur, mother, spouse and a great friend.” -Rett Clevenger, CEO  - Steal Network

“I’ve never met a business owner who sincerely cares so deeply about each one of her customers the way she does. She’s so protective of each and every one of her ‘peeps.’ As a boss, she sets high expectations that match her vision for excellence, and yet, is reasonable. She inspires you to do your best and be creative so you can maintain the standard she’s worked so hard for. Not only is she an amazing leader, but she has a bubbly, sassy personality that makes work fun.” -Em J, Merchandising – Steal Network

“I remember when Jana first called me to tell me her idea about babysteals. As she is with everything she does, she was so passionate, motivated and excited I knew this was going to be big. This big though, I had no idea. I’m so proud of her for not only creating such an amazing company and becoming so successful, but for not changing one bit. My sister is still, and always will be, my best friend.” -Sara, sister and Steals Boutique Manager – Steal Network

“Passion drives everything Jana does from her role as a caring, driven business owner to a devoted mom. As a leader, she inspires creativity and motivation in all of us while also instilling a sense of fun and positivity. I admire how much she genuinely cares for her customers and how she is constantly innovating and creating the next fabulous ‘thing.’ She works so hard, but she sure has a great time doing it, which shows in all she is able to accomplish.” -Angie, Social Media – Steal Network

Jana is getting to the top of Babble’s list! Vote for her here.

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Kristy Olsen, Lilac Clothing April 2nd, 2011 at 3:35 am - #34032

Yeah! Go Jana! Just voted. :)

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